What Does Annual Session Cost?

There are two basic kinds of costs for Annual Session (AS): 1) passthru costs and 2) program costs.  Passthru costs are what the site charges yearly meeting.  Program costs are the costs to run our program; including children's program, fee waivers, printing, registration, golf carts, signs and many other things. The Annual Session Planning Committee establishes a budget, weighing expenses and income with the intent of coming out even. 

Costs do not always follow what you see on the registration form. For example, there are several different charges for lodging; one for single rooms, one for multiple rooms, and another for single rooms in suites.  Single rooms are priced higher, but we assign housing based on other factors. We will honor all single room requests. So, someone might end up in a single room, but may not have asked for it. Program fees are calculated for a fixed number of adults.  Anything over that number will reduce the program cost per person.  Below is a list outlining the basic costs NPYM pays to the university and the program costs. These figures may vary slightly from the online program calculations.

Room Fees (applies to age 6 and older)

These fees are for rooms WITHOUT linens. There is no linen option this year!

Single room $33 per night x 4 nights (for full-time) = $132
Multiple room $24 per night x 4 nights (for full-time) = $96
Room in Thomas $50 per night x 4 nights (for full-time) = $200
Facilities fee $7.75 per day x 5 (calendar) days  = $38.75

Meal Costs (for those staying on campus)*

Board (meals) 13 and older $34.52 x 4 days = $138.12
Board (meals) 6 - 12 $17.75 x 4 days = $71.00
Board (meals) 0-5 $0 $0
Commuters pay a la carte  

* All who stay on campus overnight have a meal plan included.

  A la carte (without a meal plan, at the door) Breakfast is $9.25, Lunch is $11.25 and Dinner is $12.95.

Facilities Fee

This fee is charged by the university for meeting spaces.  It is applied for each calendar day we are on campus.

The Facility Fee is $7.75 per day x 5 days = $38.75 for full-time participants.  This applies to those who stay on campus and commuters, except for age 5 and under.

Program Fees

Program fees are costs that NPYM has in addition to the Lodging, Board and Facilities Fees listed above, which are passed through from the university. 

The program fees include the following:  bulletin printing, office supplies, registrars' costs, packet printing, contingency, fee waivers for officers, pay pal fees, contra dance, bookstore, advertising, general & physical arrangements, signs, FIR printing, FIR travel, fee waivers for FIR, children's program, snacks & supplies, fee waivers for staff and other volunteer positions, fee waivers for visitors from NW Yearly Meeting, Junior Friends, extra costs from the university (tech support, lost keys, photocopying ...)

Our estimated program costs total is about $23,000; $10,000 for fee waivers and $13,000 for other costs.

Based on an estimated 200 paying adults, program costs are $115, which is approximately $29 per day. 

Program Fee  $29 per day x 4 days = $116.

Children's Costs

The cost for all children is estimated at about $10,000.00 (room, meals and facility cost; no program fees).  In the past NPYM has covered these costs for all children up to age 12, and half of these costs for Junior Friends (age 13-17).  Several meetings and individuals contribute to bringing children to Annual Session.  We expect that these costs will be covered by donations, and do not include them in the estimated fees. 

We have programmed the online registration to calculate costs for each individual family member based on the fees listed above, taking into account that many children will come for free and some at reduced rates.  These costs are then totaled to give a Traditional Cost for attending. If our estimates are correct, we would meet our budget if everyone paid this amount. 

Most of the income for AS comes from registration fees, but some comes directly from monthly meetings and yearly meeting funds.  Registration fees this year are open to whatever someone is led to pay. While we expect most to pay something close to the average cost (our Traditional Fee). The Sustaining Fee is designed for all Friends to make a specific donation above their costs, which may be tax-deductable.  The Limited Income Fee is a suggested lower fee that may be chosen.  These fees are presented for making easy choices, however, you may enter any fee As You are LedWe think that in the end it will all work out. 

Pay As Led is an experiment that we are trying for the first time.  It will be evaluated after Annual Session, and a decision will be made as to what our next steps are.