A Note from the Registrar

Dear Friends


We have salvaged the online registration program, and it is working this year thanks to many hours of work by John Gotts, the NPYM web keeper. Please use this program as it makes our jobs easier, and saves spending extra time with paper and data entry.


We realize that not all Friends are easy with computers and need assistance. Hopefully there are helpful folk in each meeting who can assist them. Please seek help locally, if you can. If you cannot find a willing person to help you register, feel free to call the Registrar (410-914-8245). Leave him a message and he will try to get back to you as quickly as possible. In some cases this may not be for several days. There is no paper form this year.


All relevant information in order to register is online. We have prepared a PDF with the relevant registration information. Printed copies can be made by downloading it from this website (see below or link on front page). We encourage meetings to make a least one copy available in printed form so that it can be read offline.


When completing the registration form online, please follow instructions carefully. Do not rush through the form. You can save it and come back to work on it later. Be sure to remember the email you used to register, and the password. Remember once an account is established you get logged in by clicking on Resume.


Setup may seem a bit tedious, but once you have saved the initial information, going back and making changes is easy. Reading the instructions is helpful, as your registrar found out many times. There are pop-up messages which explain things, but sometimes they are off screen (try scrolling up). If you cannot get exactly what you want entered, feel free to email the Registrar with the info, and give him a chance to mess it up for you.


You will find detailed instructions below. Please take a little time to read them before diving into the form. At the very least scan the documents and note what you need to provide.


I think we are going to have a very exciting Annual Session this summer. We have a great theme and many opportunities to be with other Friends. With our Pay As Led approach to fees we hope that nobody will be excluded for lack of money. Come join us in Tacoma and tell your friends.


Clint Weimeister