Worship Groups

Worship Groups meet daily to help us know one another on a deeper level, as we reflect on the theme for the Annual Session. This year we anticipate having enough Junior Friends and Young Adult Friends in attendance for all our groups to be “Intergenerational.”

The following types of Worship Groups are offered this year:

WS – Worship Sharing
Worship centered on a theme or a set of queries. The patterns of unprogrammed worship apply: each person who
wishes may respond to the query but does not respond specifically to someone else’s contribution; each participant
speaks only once to any query; the group returns to silent worship between contributions .

WD – Worship Discussion
Worship discussion is similar to worship-sharing, but with more speaking. Participants may respond directly to what
someone else has said, and may speak more than once to a topic, with space for everyone to contribute and to
return to silence between contributions.

WW – Worship Walking
Walking together in worship with periodic stops to respond to the queries from one's experience, in the manner of
Worship Sharing.

WM – Worship Ministry through Song
This is worship with ministry primarily through singing, returning to silence between contributions. Participants are
encouraged to bring songs that will contribute to a sense of deep worship. Friends’ hymnals will be available.
Instruments (non-amplified, please) are welcome but not required.

UW – Unprogrammed Worship
Traditional unprogrammed worship in the manner of Friends.
If you would like to lead a Worship Group, check the box in the Worship Group
section of the online registration, or add a note to your paper registration.