Driving to Campus

Address: University of Puget Sound, 1500 N. Warner St, Tacoma, WA 98416. The campus is situated between N. Union Avenue and N. Alder Street.

From locations to the east, north, or south, Interstate 5 will most likely be the route you will be driving as you approach Tacoma. To reach the UPS campus, from either I-5 North or I-5 South, exit onto State Highway 16. It is clearly marked.

From Highway 16, take the Union Avenue exit and proceed to the north. This is the second exit from the I-5 end of Highway 16. You will need to be in the right-hand exit lane onto Union Avenue so that you can turn right to drive to the north to campus. This exit requires some care, because people will be entering Highway 16 in the same area—causing a traffic weave.

If you are coming from the West, you will already be on Highway 16, and you would exit at Union Avenue. You will need to be  in the left lane at the bottom of the exit and turn left to drive north on Union Avenue. The exit signs to Union Avenue and the northerly direction are clear.

Proceed north on S. Union, which becomes N. Union at 6 th Avenue, until you reach N. 18 th Street, at the northern end of campus. Turn right onto N. 18 th Street to find parking near the student union and the dormitories.