Volunteer Opportunities

Putting on a yearly Meeting requires a large amount of work. Our tradition is that as much as possible of this work is done by the attenders themselves, both to reduce the cost of AS and to strengthen the bonds among attenders. We ask all who are able to choose two jobs from the list below.

When choosing your TWO choices for volunteer positions at AS, please give first consideration to helping with the Children's Program. In the next section you will find all the job tasks with their assigned job codes.

You can see these JOB codes by using pull-down menu on the online registration. They are actually labelled 'Work', but many of us think these opportunities can be 'Fun'. If you want to add a note about your choice of jobs or time availability, select CNote and a box will open where you can add this note. 

Also, some jobs require you to be on campus early or stay late. Please be sure you are going to be here to do the job. At the moment we have no virtual or telecommuting choices.

BH = Bookstore helper
MR = Mike runner during Plenary
MED = Doctor, nurse, paramedic, etc.

What Work Do You Want To Do Codes:
Jobs Before Annual Session, Wednesday:
ER = At the registration table
EO = Set up the NPYM Office
AA = Already assigned
AH = Access Help
U = Unable to contribute
Jobs at close of Annual Session, Sunday :
EB = Set up the Bookstore SC = Clean up after YM
EGC = Golf cart driver (2-3 hour shifts) SO = Clean and Pack up NPYM Office
Jobs During the Annual Session
Children’s Program (our greatest need)
SGC = Golf cart driver (2-3 hour shifts)
DC = Drive Jr or Central Friends to Camp
CPA = Any age group
CPI = Infants and Toddlers

When Do You Want To Work codes:
CPP = Preschool
CPE = Early Elementary
Before & After Annual session:
CPU = Upper Elementary E = Early arrival on Wednesday
CPC = Central Friends S = Sunday during / after lunch
CA = Children's Activities (evenings) T = Transport to camps after Annual Session
FT = Friday Field Trip(counts as 2 jobs)
During Annual Session:
Other positions AT = Any time I’m needed
AW = Anywhere I am needed PS = During a Plenary session
G = Greeter WG = During a Worship Group
GC = Golf cart driver (2-3 hour shifts) IG = During an Interest Group
O = Staff NPYM Office
F = During unscheduled time