NPYM    2018


Black fireRoom 108 (same as last year)


What you will find in our bookstore: new books, used books, Quaker vendors (not the Quaker Faire Vendors), interesting conversations and homemade cookies.

The sale of our used books helps to keep our bookstore solvent. Last year we were able to pay for the return of unsold new books and still make a profit from the sale of our used books.

Please bring any amount of used books that you have to donate to the bookstore. We accept all books, and have noted that last year the mysteries were sold out early. Wednesday is our set-up and receiving day, starting at 12 noon. The Bookstore will be open for sales starting Thursday. (We will accept donated used books at any time the Bookstore is open.) At the conclusion of NPYM 2018, any unsold USED books will be available to any meeting or Friend’s group (such as Jr. Friends) .

Fit for Freedom

If your meeting or group would like to have leftover used books for your own future book sale, please let Eric know by Saturday of Annual Session. Last year we boxed up leftover used books for about FOUR groups.

If you are a vendor, please let Eric know ahead of time, to secure a place and table for your items. Unless you make specific arrangements with Eric for money collection, it is expected that you will use a collection jar for your sells. The Bookstore room is locked whenever it is not open.

Bayard RustinBookstore hours will be posted at Annual Session.

To contact Eric: or 360.244.0750