The Registration Program is still available to accept registrations. 

Late!!??  What does this mean?  Well actually not much has changed.  We just extended the date.  When we toured the campus on May 30th we found out that we can add people after the 30-day deadline. We just needed a minimum count this month. So, all who registered before June 15th are counted. Anyone registering from now until July 8 will be included when the Registrar gets back home (He is off for 3 weeks attending Friends General Conference and touring the mid-west.)  Therefore, we will be accepting Late Registrations, however, these registrations must be complete.  If you are having problems with the online form, you are on your own or you could contact John Gotts at .  Also, there may be some limitations, but we don't expect any.

You can register for the whole Annual Session or just a day or two. Commuters are welcome, but also need to be registered.  Fees are As You Are Led, so name your price.

Food requests need to be in on July 10th, so try to be as clear as possible.  Also, don't forget to make choices for worship groups, interest groups and volunteer work assignments. These will be assigned soon after July 8th.  Housing offers single or double rooms and a few special groupings. Let us know who you want to share with or any concerns you have about accessibility.  This is just the short spiel, the longer version is mentioned below. 

Information about registering can be found in the Registration panel or by downloading this PDF. If these articles don't answer your question, you may contact the Registrar.  He may not respond until after July 9th.  

Call to Annual Session of North Pacific Yearly Meeting

Wednesday July 25---Sunday July 29, 2018

Lucretia Humphrey, NPYM Presiding Clerk
Lucretia Humphrey
NPYM Presiding Clerk

University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington

Uprooting Racism

We come together for this year’s Annual Session in a spirit of inclusion and celebration. With much racial justice work still to be done in our hearts, our Quaker community, our country, and the world, we will reach together for that higher place where, when we turn round right, we will truly stand by our brothers and sisters of any color, of any gender expression, and of any financial ability. In deepened connections to each other, we hope more often to find the holiness of wholeness.

Friend in Residence

Vanessa Julye is a member of Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. She serves as the Nurturing Ministries Coordinator, Ministry on Racism and Youth Ministries Programs for Friends General Conference and has worked for FGC for about thirteen years.  She has co-authored, Fit for Freedom, Not for Friendship Quakers, African Americans, and the Myth of Racial Justice.  She has published numerous articles on Quakers and racism and travels throughout the United States and abroad speaking and leading workshops on related issues.  Vanessa holds a B.A. from Temple University. She brings to us an awareness of how white supremacy has left out all people of color.  By addressing the history of Quakers and racism, Vanessa works to help all Quakers move to a place of Beloved Community that is racially inclusive in all ways.

Vanessa Julye from Quaker Speak video
Vanessa Julye
Quaker Speak video 2014

Junior Friends

Junior Friends

Junior Friends (JF) is a high school age group of awesome Quakers. We meet three times a year: for four days at NPYM, another four at Camp, and in February at our annual Winter Trip.